Canon beach, Oregon


I’m Jenny. I have been documenting people’s amazing stories since 2013, it’s a creative challenge that I dive into with my eyes wide open.

When I get home and sit down on my comfy brown couch to back up your photographs, I literally cannot wait to see how beautifully your story translates into photo. You guys, your family, friends- laughing, crying dancing…in the rain, sun, snow and sunset.  All of it. Art is fluid, as is the way we express ourselves. Learning about the business and art of photography is ongoing and exciting, it’s something I put a lot of time and energy into every year.

Creativity is wound deeply into the centre of who I am. I have a blend of formal and self taught photography education.  I have photographed athletes, animals, babies, and all sorts of things….my heart lays with photographing people who are being their favourite selves in their favourite spaces. Photography feels a bit more magical with every passing year, and that is so exciting.

As a general rule in life and business, I believe that a foundation of simplicity, kindness, and laughter set the tone for how we go through our day.  I also believe in keeping it real. Nothing is more authentic than what is happening right in front of us and that is what you will see when you look at your photographs.

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