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Good news! The first step to an easy photography experience is getting the answers to all the questions you may have (along with information that you may not have thought about). When it comes down to it, all that matters is on your wedding day is that you are able to enjoy the crap out of your day. The rest of the stuff- that's the background story of your wedding.

I opened my photography business in 2013.

Did you know that there is no formal why to become a photographer? That said, I believe that we are at our best when we are learning and I take courses every year.  The way I photograph and run my business will evolve as long as I keep learning though technical photography course, business courses, webinars. workshops, conferences and even by second shooting with other photographers.  

How many weddings do I shoot each year?: 10-15

What else do I shoot?  Births, brand new babies (fresh 48 sessions), families and brands. 

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I will teach you how to feel comfortable in front of the camera.

I promise, you have nothing to worry about. 

Here’s how it works. I will walk you through exactly what to expect before we even get to your wedding day.  I include an engagement session with my base package for this reason. It’s practice for you, and a chance for us to get comfortable working with each other.

I’ll tell you what to do, what not to do and after a while you won’t even notice me. At your wedding, you will notice that I am mostly just there shooting through the day. The only time I am giving your formal guidance is when we do family photos, wedding party photos and portraits of you and your partner (which I promise, will be really cool!). 

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YOUR ENGAGEMENT SESSION IS Practice for your wedding.

Pre-wedding shoot/engagement session…call it what you will. This time working together is part of your base package at no cost. Why-  because it’s practice for all of us and a chance for us to get to know each other before your wedding.  You can expect a 45 min (ish) session, and we can do this wherever makes your heart happy. Bring your pets, kiddos- whoever makes your heart smile 🙂 

If you’re uncomfortable in front of the camera, this is our chance to sort that- and it works! By the time we get to your wedding, the last thing you will notice is me clicking away. If you’re already comfortable in front of the camera- great! This is our chance to get to get creative. I always tell people it’s our first crack at sunset shots. 

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There are are more professional words that I could use, but…this why people hire me 🙂 

I want your wedding photos to look like and feel like your wedding. If a total stranger were to look at your photos, they would get a sense of what it felt like to be there. I also want you to have cool a$$ art for your walls. And you will. We do this by using the light that Mother Nature gives us ….and if the sun doesn’t shine, I’ve always got other tricks up my sleeve 🙂

My style, in a nutshell….you will get a good idea of this is you look around this website, on Instagram and on Facebook (except for it will be you, your people, and your surroundings in the photos).  What they won’t look like- Pinterest. If you like this, I can help find the perfect photographer, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this (it’s just not my style!)


We generally plan for this:

  • 1.5 hours with the couple and your wedding party
  • 30 mins family photos
  • 30 mins at sunset

We will sort all of this well before your wedding and this will vary depending on what your wedding celebration looks like. 

All of your photos will be edited.

So…what does that mean? 

Post processing/editing is a big part of every photographers workflow. In fact, it’s how we achieve the polishing touches and create the final product. I use Adobe Lightroom to adjust lighting and composition as needed. The type of editing thay I do makes colors brighter, blacks and whites punchier, and give an overall similar look to your photos. 

Like this- cool hey?

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These photos are generally really fast AND so important. Our family members won’ t be around forever. I have had many clients message me a year or more after their wedding to tell me that the photos of them with their relative was the last photo they have. 

There is an easy solution to this- please make sure that you write out a list of family member names and group combinations, and assign someone who knows your family to manage it. Every single time I’ve photographed a wedding without a list, there has been a missing person or combination.  With a bit of planning we can make sure you and your family have these important photos.

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up to you
(or maybe me, keep readinG)

I shoot about 50% of my weddings alone, and 50% with an assistant. The benefit is variety.  For larger weddings and situations where more than one person needs to be photographed at the same time, two photographers are required. I always work with photographers who I trust to ensure the quality of your photographs is consistent. 

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Working with an experienced photographer can make or break The quality of your photos


Unexpected twists can happen.
Here are some examples.


(and then get cold….and freeze your beautiful ceremony site)


(in October before Hallowe’en and shut down traffic)


(in +36 C weather at an outdoor ceremony site)

Wedding photos at The Forks


(I can hide that sh!t)

 A big  part of my job make this day easy for you.  This starts with making sure that I give you all the information you need to know exactly what to expect. 

The rest is simply trusting me to photography your wedding day as it unfolds.

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