I am a white woman operating a business on Treaty 1 territory.

White privilege is real.

I have not been using that privilege to actively fight racism. 

Systemic racism is real and fighting racism is a lifelong battle and not something to be done when it’s trendy or socially acceptable. 

I acknowledge that I need to be more intentional in my support of LGBTQ people.

I acknowledge that BIPOC have different life experiences and challenges that white people.

I acknowledge that statements like ” all lives matter” deny the lived experience of people of color, and that Indigenous lives matter, and 

Black Lives Matter. 


I am committed to listening, learning, and education about what it means to be an ally.  

I am committed to hearing feedback from marginalized and oppressed people and groups. 

 I am committed to seeking out vendor and partnerships that are actively taking steps address systemic racism.

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